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What do Parent Organizations do?

We are encouraging all child care centers to join us in helping families access information on recommended practices for their child! We asking child care centers to start parent organizations at their center to connect families to developmentally appropriate practices content to help their child grow and develop. The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) offers digital family membership that provide parents with great developmental resources while also keeping parents up-to-date on initiatives that support young children and families.

We hope you will join us in building our parent community in Louisiana and look forward to working with you!

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Amanda Colon has worked in education for the last 15 years. In the Ascension Parish school system, she taught in various primary grades in the inclusion classrooms. Amanda also served in the role of School Building Level Committee Facilitator which provided an opportunity for her to support teachers and children who needed additional support, interventions, or screening for evaluation of special educational services. During this role, she found a passion for supporting families and connecting families to resources that would assist their children throughout their journey in the educational process. In the spring of 2019, Amanda started at the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) on the Early Childhood Strategy Team as the manager of Family Support, and Coordinated Enrollment. During the four years in this position, she was able to support early childhood leaders across the state to strengthen the coordinate enrollment processes and build family engagement strategies that supported families to find high-quality early childhood education and community resources. Additionally, she led a statewide stakeholder committee that passed the first ever Early Childhood Family Engagement Framework designed to guide community networks. Currently, Amanda continues her early childhood work in Ascension Early Childhood Ready Start Network by supporting over 30 centers with quality initiatives, and family engagement, and community partnerships. She is a volunteer with the Louisiana Association of Young Child Educators. Amanda is a registered Adverse Childhood Experiences Educator and is community volunteer speaker with the Louisiana Department of Health.

Meet our Parent Organizations Chair.

Amanda Colon

"My passion is elevating family and community engagement as the primary ingredient to support early childhood learning and development. My goal is promote the value of the family experience as one of the top influential components that shapes their their child’s educational journey and learning success."


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