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Time is always in short supply for both early care and education providers and administrators. The LSU Early Childhood Education Institute and LAAEYC strive to be a resource for both providers and administrators through the development of targeted trainings that meet state requirements that translate research-to-practice, are time efficient, accessible and on-demand. 

We aim to have the majority of our trainings to be taught by Pathways Certified Trainings. We will indicate whether the  training will adhere to continuing education topics that will be appliable for credit. As specified in Louisiana Bulletin 137:  Each training provides either 1.0 Pathways clock hours: 30 minutes of training coupled with independent activities associated to the training topic or 2.0 Pathways clock hours: 1 hour of training with an independent activity. Pathways clock hours granted upon successful completion of post-training assessment.

Check out the training topics offered for 2023 below! Have a suggestion for a topic? Send it over to

  • "Social Media and Engagement" hosted by LAAEYC Team Member, Gracyn Austin. *ineligible for Pathways credit

    • February 23rd at 5pm

    • View slide show here

    • Access the article here

  • "CLASS Observer Confidential" hosted by Member-At-Large for River Parishes, Pheriche Perkins

    • March 3rd at 10am

    • Confused by bulletin 140? Learn the ins and outs of a CLASS observation from an observer. ​

    • Register here

  • "Engaged Support for learning and the “hard parts” of the CLASS" hosted by Member-At-Large for River Parishes, Pheriche Perkins.

    • March 15th at 12pm

    • Struggling with getting those 6s and 7s? Come unpack the toughest CLASS dimensions and domains. Get the support you need to have the classrooms you want! ​

    • Register here

  • "Literacy Across the Ages" hosted by Member-At-Large for Cajun Country, Ashley Robinson.

  • "Process Art to Process Learning" hosted by Member-At-Large for Sportsman's Paradise, Sandee Clawson.

  • "Professionalizing the Profession" hosted by President, Dr. Linda McMillian.

  • "Flourishing Finances for Directors" hosted by President-Elect, Tessa Holloway.

  • "How to Ensure Inclusion is Inclusion" hosted by Secretary, Leah Lormand.

  • "Continuing Education and Becoming a Master Educator" hosted by Executive Director, Dr. Cynthia DiCarlo.

  • "Communication and Collaborate Across Education" hosted by LSU College of Human Sciences and Education Director of Communications, Mary Woods.

  • "Member Round Table" hosted by all LAAEYC Officers.​

Other Training Opportunities:

  • The Pointe Coupee Early Childhood Coalition offers regular training on a variety of topics at no cost via Zoom! Check out their calendar and offerings here.

  • Watch this how-to video and create a professional email signature. Make sure you add our pre-liked LAAEYC logo! Simply visit this document and copy and past it into your signature to let everyone know that you are a proud LAAEYC member. 

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