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Professional Development Training

Childhood Education Professional Development Series

Time is always in short supply for both early care and education providers and administrators. The LSU Early Childhood Education Institute seeks to be a resource for both providers and administrators through the development of targeted trainings that meet state requirements that translate research-to-practice, are time efficient, accessible and on-demand. 

As the LSU Early Childhood Education Laboratory Preschool is a living, learning laboratory, we have first hand knowledge of both the issues faced by early care providers and administrators and the accompanying time constraints. Our focused trainings address both recommended practices in the field of early care and education in a format that is accessible to working providers.

All trainings will adhere to continuing education topics, as specified in Louisiana Bulletin 137:  Each training provides 2.0 Pathways clock hours: 60 minutes of training coupled with independent activities associated to the training topic. Pathways clock hours granted upon successful completion of post-training assessment.

Trainings take place virtually on Tuesdays at 12:00 - 1:00 PM (Central Time Zone).

The topics and sessions vary by Infant/Toddler Trainings and Preschool Trainings. You may designate your preference at time of registration.

  • 8 | Let’s Take it Outside! Designing Engaging Outdoor Environments

  • 15 | It Feels Like Home! Designing Learning Environments

  • 6 | More than Just Play: Learning Through Projects

  • 13 | Let’s Take it Outside! Designing Engaging Outdoor Environments 

  • 3 | Red Light, Green Light! Supporting School Readiness Skills Through Physical Activities

  • 10 | Red Light, Green Light! Supporting School Readiness Skills Through Physical Activities

  • 7 | It’s Child’s Play - Promote Math Skills Through Play

  • 14 | Kiss Morning Meltdowns Goodbye! Strategies to Ease Separation Anxiety

  • 5 | Ready, Get Set…Read! Creating Engaging Literacy Activities

  • 12 | Let's Talk: Promoting Speech & Language Development

  • 2 | Transform a Basic Art Center to an Imagination Station: Creating a Maker Space in Preschool Classrooms

  • 9 | I Can Do It Myself! Promoting Independent Feeding

  • 7 | Smoothing Out the Bumps of Kindergarten Transition

  • 14 | Make Diapers Disappear! Look for the Signs

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