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LAAEYC seeks to build its Board with individuals who see the connections between practice, policy and research; who share LAAEYC's core values and beliefs; who have knowledge and experience in governance and leadership.

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about:

  • Ensuring that all children have equitable access to developmentally appropriate, high-quality early learning and 

  • Promoting an early childhood profession that exemplifies excellence and is recognized as vital to society. 


Executive Board Elections:

Nominations opened in mid-October and will officially close November 29. Elections will be held December 6 - December 27. For more information, click here for a complete description of the LAAEYC Initial Officer and Board Member Election Process.




Elected Board Members:

The Advisory Council members serving as Nominating Committee:

Only LAAEYC members are eligible to run and/or vote in elections. If you are currently not a member,  we invite you to join our community in making a lasting impact.  

Thank you for your consideration and continued support for young children. 

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